My style journey is a tale of impulse buys, guilt and a loss of identity. I have always loved fashion and have been known in the past to buy pretty much every fashion magazine available. I started my career as a medical sales rep so was out on the road seeing customers – retail parks were my downfall. If I was having a good day I would treat myself and if I was having a bad day, I again would treat myself, so I had a wardrobe bursting with clothes. There was no thought process involved, it was as simple as if I liked it, I would get it. The problem was I had very few outfits that could be made from all my purchases. I had so many beautiful clothes but nothing to wear!

As my career progressed I ending up working in an office with a “smart casual’ dress code and regularly attended “business casual” conferences so I became very good at putting together work appropriate outfits. During this time I had my two children and I think after both pregnancies, especially my second one, I totally lost a sense of my own identity. My body shape had changed and I felt mediocre in anything I put on. I started experimenting with accessories to try and liven up my outfits and this really made a difference. I realised that this is such a common feeling for many and so this is where my desire to help others with their style began.

 What is Personal Style Anyway?

Personal style is more than getting dressed in the morning, it’s about personality, self–expression and inspiration. Your personal style is the result of many different influences, all the people you have met over the years, all the places you have travelled. It’s a truly personal thing that can take a little digging to uncover, but don’t worry the process is a lot of fun!

Every person reading this post will be at a different place in discovering their personal style, some will understand it fully, others may not even know where to begin. So whether you want to feel more confident and professional at work, or you want to curb impulse shopping and start to plan out your wardrobe or you haven’t really spent much thought on your own clothes in recent years then I hope that the tips I offer you will be helpful. Remember your style is always evolving.

 What your clothes say about you


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Why does style play such an essential role in the lives of so many people? Many people love fashion simply because it’s a fun, creative outlet. It’s a chance to experiment with colours, shapes and textures, as an artist would. But there’s also a deeper side to it. Because whether or not you are into fashion, your clothes say something. Our clothes tell a story. Our clothes reflect our personality and what’s important to us. To be comfortable and confident we need clothes to feel like us.

I am going to take you through a few steps that will help you develop your own unique style.


Your dream wardrobe should be tailored to your personal style and your lifestyle. Your wardrobe should be functional and fit in with all your daily activities where you look and feel good. Ideally your wardrobe should match in roughly equal measures. This is a useful exercise when looking at what you currently own and where there may be gaps. E.g. if you work in a corporate office full-time and you go out for a dinner date twice a month, you should own considerably more work clothes than pretty evening clothes.


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To really understand your style preferences, it’s useful to collect as much inspiration as possible so that you can discover the colours, patterns and silhouettes that naturally appeal to you.

 Where to find inspiration?

Blogs and online magazines

Print magazines and fashion books

Movies and tv shows


Online shops, lookbooks and catalogues

Real people

Use magazines and pinterest to look for inspiration and pin or save every image that resonates with you in some way. If you are using magazines then create a style file where you keep all images together, and the same for pinterest, you can create a secret style board that only you can see and pin everything there.

Try to save at least 50 images so that you get a good idea of what you are drawn to. You will then look at each image and understand what you like about it. Is it the overall vibe or is it individual items. Is it the colour, silouette, texture, pattern, styling – really look at everything. Are there any common themes running through the images, are items repeated? Think about your own wardrobe, do any of the themes match what you currently own? If not, what are the gaps? Have fun and enjoy this time to explore!

Your Wardrobe

Look in your wardrobe and find the items that you love and that you feel great in. Take note of the reasons you love it, is it the colour, shape, pattern? Think about what outfits you love to wear. What do you love them? Next, look for the items that make you feel mediocre and do the same. This will give you great insight into what makes you feel great.

Every day we make a decision about what to wear, this should be easy and the result should make you feel good about yourself. I hope you have found this post helpful. Please leave me any feedback in the comments.

Georgie Steeples makeup artist, personal stylist



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