Before I worked with Georgie I had a serious dislike of buying new clothes! This stemmed from thinking I had very little idea on what actually ‘suited’ me. This would then led to me feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, frustrated and even quite cross with every clothes shopping experience! Since starting my own business, I had to get this lack of confidence sorted out to update my work clothes wardrobe and to represent my own brand.

I wasn’t sure that I could be convinced to ‘love’ or embrace clothes shopping on any level and was sceptical that any great transformation in my attitude regarding clothes styling would occur.

However, I did have an idea on what I would like to look like so I thought the brand style would be the good option for me. It would help me see if that idea was realistic, what suited me and what to avoid.

Our time together has been a very cathartic process! It was easy to be honest in our interactions and to express what really worked for me with clothes and where my frustration and uncertainty was. It was also great to build up confidence through discussion, assessment, summary and review. During each of these stages, Georgie would encourage me to reflect which taught me more about where my real style was and what could make it work.

During the sessions I liked being encouraged to articulate what did or didn’t work for me in images or clothes I already possessed. The focus during the session and during the Pinterest activity meant I had to really think accurately about why some items definitely did or didn’t work for me. I loved identifying that my favourite cornflower blue is a great colour for me! And that it’s ok not to always follow fashion rules even when dressing for business – learn through instinct and learn to trust my instinct! The clear report at the end of our session was invaluable, summarising all that we’d discussed and highlighting outfits and shops that would really suit me.

I feel like I now have a love of shopping! Seriously, I am very keen and as soon as work allows, I will head off to the department stores to put my newfound confidence to the test! I have more self confidence in myself overall with regard to my own image and I have lots of creative ideas around accessories that I would like to have for my current and new outfits.

Georgie’s approach is professional, positive and organised. She respectfully deconstructs shopping & fashion and takes the clothes back to being about you as an individual. You are made to feel at the centre of the discussion and fully involved in the definition of your brand style both in a creative and logical way.

A massive thank you, Georgie! I cannot believe someone finally managed to get me to enjoy clothes shopping




I made the decision to book a Define Your Style Package as I really struggled with not knowing what to wear now as regards my move from teacher to entrepreneur and also my weight gain. I had no concerns in buying the service as Georgie’s website gave me full confidence in her

The session taught me that less is more and following a major wardrobe cull I have less pieces but way more options. I am also using my accessories as part of my outfit and rediscovering a part of myself I thought I had lost as well as discovering a new me. I loved how creative and free I could be especially when creating the mood board.

Following the Define Your Style session I have gained confidence in my new figure, I feel comfortable and smart in the clothes I have and I have learnt to make better wardrobe choices.

I would absolutely recommend this package! Georgie understands what your needs are and helps you focus your style in a way that is right for you, your lifestyle and your desire to feel good about the way you look

Thank you Georgie for giving me a much needed wardrobe remodelling and for giving me back a lot of the confidence I had lost with the weight gain.


Before working with Georgie I had too many clothes but nothing to wear, buying the wrong clothes etc. Initially I was concerned about the cost of the service but it has actually been a cost saving exercise as I no longer waste money on clothes that don’t suit me.The most useful part of our time together was finding out what shapes/colours suit me, what is ‘on trend’ right now and buy tips for future purchases.

I really enjoyed the wardrobe edit – having an independent eye look over my wardrobe, having a huge clearout of items I hadn’t worn for years. We did the personal shop as a couple and enjoyed trying on different styles and colours, it was also great getting a shop trip done and dusted in a few hours.

Working with Georgie has made me more mindful of what I buy in the future, this will save me ££££ going forward. I now know what suits me and what doesn’t. The wardrobe edit has given me space to see what clothes I have got and finding something to wear is a lot easier now. I would absolutely recommend working with Georgie, it was great!

Georgie is wonderful, I was very nervous, unsure as this was my first stylist experience. Georgie made me feel at ease and comfortable and gave great advice. My husband was also uneasy about his personal shopping experience but is so happy with his capsule wardrobe and he enjoyed the whole experience.


Just to say thank you so much for your help. You’ve been amazing!



For years I’ve watched Stylists on TV and thought I’d love for someone to style me. When a friend recommended Georgie, I took it as a sign that now was the time and I booked a wardrobe edit! I’d had a baby a few years beforehand and felt a bit like I’d lost my sense of style. Maybe it’s selfish but I wanted to feel like me, as well as mummy.


Unsure quite what to expect, I was so relieved that there was no Gok style pulling at my bra talking about my “bangers”, or Nicky Hambleton-Jones style standing in front of the mirror in my pants talking about how I feel! Georgie did however, spend time getting to know me and my style ambitions.


We went through my wardrobe together piece by piece. Georgie helped me to see my body again in clothes, I think I’d been looking past it, or trying to not look at it since it had changed. I found my waist again, and realised that there was actually a lot more to my wardrobe than numerous black tops.


It turned out that my wardrobe was top heavy, and I was lacking in clothing for the bottom half of my body. I was also missing various essentials that I’d never even thought about but that as soon as Georgie suggested them and recommended how I could wear them, made so much sense.


Not only did I rediscover clothes I never thought I’d wear again, like a white dress with a red print, Georgie re-educated me on how to wear them. She styled outfits I would never have thought of and gave me lots of tips to help create other looks with existing clothes and few, suggested, new pieces.


At the end of the session Georgie gave me a shopping list of all the essentials she thought I should invest in. Plus, she gave me her top tips for shopping which I have stuck to and take with me every time I’m online or in a shop., and they work a treat.


Much to my surprise, I know own leather-look trousers and waxed jeans, neither of which I ever thought I’d be brave enough to wear! Also (and never one to accessorise), I now have a few statement pieces of costume jewellery which do literally transform an outfit. This season I’ve been supporting florals and frills, again neither of which I thought I’d do before.


Admittedly, I do still have a day here and there for jeans and a sweatshirt but why not?! However, Georgie helped me to understand my body shape, my style, and what to wear. I have more confidence in myself and my wardrobe, plus people have complimented what I’m wearing and those who know me best have also been pleasantly surprised.


I would highly recommend Georgie to anyone who has watch Gok or Nicky, and the like for years, and thought what if – just do it. She has a real passion for what she does and she is extremely good at it. A styling session with Georgie is well worth it, for your wardrobe, for how you see yourself, and for your confidence and self-esteem.


I can’t wait to take her shopping with me!


Georgie really helped make my day that extra bit special! She really listened to what I wanted and worked with it, giving me lots of ideas and tips on what she thought would look good, but always checking that I was happy with it and that it was what I wanted! I felt like Georgie really cared about my day as much as me and she made my hair and makeup look amazing! It looked great in the photos too!! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Georgie to anyone for their Wedding – if you want that personal experience and to feel that extra bit special then let Georgie bit part of your big day!


Georgie, I can’t thank you enough for all your help prior to and naturally on my wedding day. I was very confident that you were going to make me look stunning and beautiful, but I still couldn’t believe it was me in the mirror; you had achieved exactly the look that I wanted. My hair and make-up just looked amazing all day; I didn’t need to re-touch either. Finally, I know my mum was delighted with your help, especially without a prior-consultation, I know she appreciated your professionalism and the result!!


I couldn’t possibly fly off on our honeymoon without emailing you first to say an enormous thank you to you for all your hard work on Thursday. We had an amazing day and I can’t thank you enough for making me feel so amazing. I loved my hair so so much and felt comfortable all day. I also looved my make up and you listened to everything I asked of you so thank you!


Thank you so much for being absolutely amazing on the morning of my Wedding! Not only did you make the four of us look gorgeous but I seriously doubt we would have been ready to go to the church on time without you.


It was wonderful to work with Georgie on my wedding day. I have never used a make up artist before and I was very impressed with the results. Having makeup done for you professionally makes such a difference and I learnt a lot. It was a lovely, enjoyable experience.

I loved every minute of the make up trial. Georgie helped me every step of the way. Her advice, knowledge and extensive make up range is enough to keep any girl happy !! She was patient and listened to my ideas. She told me not to feel afraid to tell her at any time what I liked or disliked during the trial and I particularly loved the fact that she took photos of me with different make up looks so I could see the effect on camera. Georgie gave me all the time I needed so I left feeling 100% happy and confident.

It was a pleasure to have Georgie with me on the morning of my wedding. She certainly kept me calm and relaxed and she looked after me every step of the way right up until she left my room.

I think I speak for most brides when I say that how you look and feel is one of the most important parts of the big day. Georgie helped make me to feel happy and confident all day long. Thank you so much.


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