Working from home is something we all crave for the flexibility and freedom it brings us, but the flip side is that it can be a productivity nightmare that many business owners don’t expect when they first start working from home.

I know I felt like there was even more to do each day because the household jobs were right there staring me in the face, like doing a quick vacuum because the dog was moulting (the joys of owning a black lab!) and the carpets looked dreadful.

I knew that if I wanted to get my work done, I had to set boundaries and compartmentalise work from home. The housework would just have to wait and I was ok with that. It waited before when I worked in an office, and so it could wait now.


Don’t overload yourself with a long to-do list each day. Instead choose 1-3 most important actions that you know if you get them done you will have moved yourself closer to achieving your goals. 

Create a schedule where you have a specific timeblock to get this focused work done.

Also create time blocks where you can deal with household jobs, this way you can clearly see when you will get those things done.

Have clear timeblocks for when you will get household jobs done and clear timeblocks for your business.


There are so many ways we can procrastinate, doing the washing, grabbing a snack, making a drink… I’m definitely someone who struggles with procrastination and my chosen method is making cups of coffee and reheating them in the microwave (don’t judge me!) 

Try to understand why you’re procrastinating – is it because you lack clarity or are you overwhelmed with a big project? Having a plan with clear action steps will help overcome this as it means you just need to focus on the next step on your plan.

Using the pomodoro technique is an excellent way to start taking action and build momentum on what you need to do. 

Remember done is better than perfect. Imperfect action for the win.


Turn off notifications and put your phone on silent, especially during your focused work time.

Have timeblocks when you will look at social media and respond to comments etc. so that you don’t find yourself spending too much time mindlessly scrolling on Instagram. I’m definitely guilty of that one!

Create boundaries and protect your time. 

If you get social phone calls from family members during work hours because they think ‘working from home’ means you are free to talk, explain that you have work to do and that the best time to chat is at x time. 


Start to form your own daily rituals and habits that support you in getting focused for the day ahead. This may include a morning routine of having a coffee whilst journalling or planning out your day ahead. 

Time blocking is a great way to help build structure to your day where you are intentional with your time. 

More structure in your business = more freedom. 

Fail to plan, plan to fail. Having a focused plan will boost your productivity and effectiveness.

Georgie Steeples

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