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4 simple steps to achieve more by doing less

Hi, I’m Georgie

A business strategist and ICF certified high-performance coach who works with ambitious business owners and professionals to achieve their full potential   both personally and professionally so they can achieve success without compromising their wellbeing, leading to fulfilment in all areas of their life.


Using a combination of mentoring and high performance coaching, I empower my clients to achieve their goals by not only planning and executing a solid strategy but crucially, helping them to focus on the habit changes and mindset growth required for meaningful, long term change.


My coaching approach uses science-backed research and tools including neuroscience and positive psychology which transforms the way you think, feel and act. By integrating scientific principles, I offer a holistic coaching experience that not only drives results but also enhances my clients overall wellbeing.



The holistic framework for unlocking your true potential, experiencing continuous growth, and finding greater fulfilment and joy in your life.

1. Clarity

Gain clarity about your values, strengths, goals, and aspirations leading to a deep understanding of what truly matters to you. This self-awareness will enable you to make informed decisions and set meaningful goals.

2. Strategy

Develop a personalised strategy and action plan that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be. Focus your efforts on the things that are going to make the biggest difference to your progress and growth at the right time.

3. Mindset

Cultivate a growth-oriented mindset that empowers you to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities for growth. Become aware of how you think, feel and act in any given situation. Use science-backed tools to silence your inner critic and turn up the volume on thoughts that empower you. 

4. Implementation

Implement your strategy and make real progress towards your business, career and life goals. Effective execution is key to putting your ideas into action for tangible results. Become more productive and manage your time better by focusing on the things that are going to make the biggest difference.

5. Integration

Achieve work-life integration for sustained success. Harmoniously balance work, family, personal pursuits and fun activities, in a way that fosters flexibility, joy and fulfilment. By integrating work and personal life in a way that aligns with your values and priorities, you can achieve a greater sense of harmony, well-being, and success in both areas.

6. Resilience

Build resilience so that you can navigate challenges, setbacks and the unexpected. Challenges are an inherent part of growth and success, and a resilient mindset is essential for maintaining your progress.

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1-1 High Performance Coaching


Gain the clarity and confidence to reach your next level of personal effectiveness and fulfilment. I provide transformational coaching, strategic soundboarding and science-backed tools to support you in achieving your goals. My high performance coaching is deeply personal and customised to the needs and goals of each and every client. 

Three and six month packages are available.

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Cultivate strong leadership, promote innovation, improve teamwork, and enhance the overall well-being of your workforce.

Workshops (example topics include: productivity & wellbeing, employee engagement and leadership skills)

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Every day of my life has become exciting!

Since I started coaching sessions with Georgie I have a strong message that I deliver to people and they pay attention to me. The message moves and inspires me so deeply that being present to it has shifted my focus from lack to what I provide for people and the difference I make to them. This was one of the most powerful shifts I have expereinced in my entire career so far.

– Agnes

I have a clear plan for moving forward

As a result of our time together I feel I have a clear plan for moving forward. I know where to focus my attention and energy.

– Soraya

My business is completely different to when I started at the beginning of the year!

From our first session in February, I can not believe that I am now here, writing a book today to share my personal story to impact others.

– Fiona



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